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“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”
   - “Cool Hand” Luke (Paul Newman)


​​Do you want to communicate with authority and power?
Over 10,000 hours of coaching and counseling, family and parenting, business and partnerships, conflict and sensitivity experience!

•Do you want to learn how to diffuse conflict and create a more peaceful and successful work environment?
•Do you want to learn how to anticipate behavioral patterns?
•Do you want to lean how to reach your audience and deliver your message so it will be engaging and responsive?

•Would you like to be more insightful from the very first meeting with HR departments, Coaching clients and counseling?

The Speaking Of Life System will give you a distinct advantage in every one of these situations and much more!

This system will save you enormous time in getting to the epicenter of communication issues!

If you are in the business of changing lives, building teams, creating a corporate culture of integrity and success or raising a family! This system is your answer.

“My husband and I were on the edge of divorce!  We called Gerald for a life coaching session and learned how to speak to each other in our primary languages. OMG! It saved our marriage!”
Alyssa Adkins

“ I was in a serious conflict with an employee who was very important to our organization and would have resigned if I hadn’t responded in a way that recognized their stress flares and filter!  The Speaking of Life system taught me how to defuse
and direct my communication to create a safe and positive resolution”
Jon Bell
Madness Entertainment

“I am a corporate executive with hundreds of millions of dollars in my charge, this tool has been a great advantage in my negotiating and reading others communication styles, its a powerful advantage"
Kirby Davis