Welcome to Speaking of Life
“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.”
   - “Cool Hand” Luke (Paul Newman)


Have you been affected by workplace drama? Have you lost sight of what you once loved about your job due to the crippling craziness of disruptive employees, a manipulative co-worker, or a contemptuous, controlling manager?  Dealing with difficult people is draining, creates personal anxiety, and begins to infiltrate every aspect of life including your health!  Speaking of LIFE is an amazing communication style analysis tool offering personal insight. The Speaking of LIFE  System is the comprehensive road map to success!

The focus of hiring is often skills and ability.  Lack of character, however is at the core of almost every employee firing. Conflict is a part of life, work is essential to life, but workplace drama is a virus. Unchecked, soon the office becomes a toxic environment!  Mondays become the most dreaded day of the week, workplace absences rise and productivity goes out the window.  The cost of this environment can become overwhelmingly expensive, reducing profit margins.  Speaking of LIFE  International Group Reports, products, seminars, and workshops offer group insight and a comprehensive road map to collaboration skills and productive team building. 

Effective communication skills may be the single most important life skill we NEED TO LEARN!  In today’s culture and generation of talent praising and raising we are too often seeing the tragic results of this flawed ideology.  Rarely do we watch the news without a story of celebrity legal battles and heartbreaking deaths all related to a lack of character development!  Their talent put them in the limelight; their lack of character development finished them in a tragic spotlight.

Kendall eloquently says it like this: 

FAILURE:  "To the degree that your talent, charisma, education, and success exceed your character development, will be the degree that YOU FAIL." – Fred Kendall

SUCCESS "To the degree that your character exceeds your talent, charisma, education and success, will be the degree that you have TRUE SUCCESS." - Fred Kendall